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Maximize your instrument capabilities with SWIS™

Software for Liquid Handling instruments

As a modular off-the-shelf software package, SWIS™ seamlessly integrates with any liquid handling instrument, offering customized tools for stakeholders across the board, from manufacturers to labs. Simplifying instrument control and configuration, SWIS™ ensures effortless creation and execution of pipetting protocols. Additionally, its user-friendly graphical interfaces are tailored for the daily routines of laboratory personnel, enhancing operational efficiency.

Viasure V-Flex and SWIS™ software

Certest Biotech, a leading provider of molecular diagnostics solutions, relied on Repado and the SWIS™ software to empower its VIASURE V-Flex solution.

VIASURE V-Flex is a fully automated liquid handling platform for nucleic acid extraction, purification and PCR set-up. Running on Tecan’s Cavro Magni-flex platform, the SWIS™ CORE module, equips Certest’s application specialists to develop and validate their pipetting protocol for the VIASURE RT-PCR kits. The software seamlessly integrates and controls all the devices necessary to perform the different steps of the extraction process such as ThermoShaker for heating and agitating samples and cooler unit for storing the final nucleic acid.

On top, an intuitive end user GUI, based on the SWIS™ BUSINESS module, enables the instrument operator to configure different VIASURE PCR Kits in one run, conduct DNA/RNA purification from a wide range of samples, retrieve worklist the local LIS, setup the worktable prior to protocol execution, monitor the execution process and create reports/output files. Moreover, the application has an in-built sample tracking mechanism and provides flexible configuration for different users and requirements.

One standout aspect of SWIS™ is its seamless integration with Repado’s medical device fleet management solution, LTM. This comprehensive integration enables the Certest support team to monitor the complete installed base worldwide in real time. In case of issues, immediate action can be taken, ensuring quick resolution and uninterrupted operations. This capability equips Certest to provide holistic support and reliability to its users on a global scale, reinforcing its commitment to customer satisfaction and operational excellence.

The SWIS™ software has been a game-changer for us, making it easier for our customers to adapt to the V-Flex platform. With its user-friendly interface, affordability, and compliance with IDVR standards, we're offering a solution that stands out in the market.

Working with Repado was a breeze; their comprehensive understanding of both the laboratory intricacies and regulatory requirements of our project ensured a smooth collaboration. Thanks to their expertise, we've not only achieved our goals but exceeded expectations. SWIS™ software, coupled with Repado's support, has truly elevated our offerings, providing unmatched value to our customers

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From a regulatory standpoint, SWIS™ adheres to the rigorous standards of an ISO 13485 certified quality management system for medical software, ensuring full compliance with all relevant regulatory requirements.

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